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i've told whole lies

with a half smile

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30 rock, allmusic, amigurumis, april ludgate, bananas, beverly hills 90210, bikini kill, bitch magazine, blended iced coffee, boston, breakfast, brooches, buffy the vampire slayer, can-fit-everything purses, canadian living recipes, cappuccino foam art, carrots, castle, cereal, cheers, classic movies, cocktail rings, coffee, concert-going, cooking, cover fx makeup, covert affairs, crocheting, david sedaris, david's tea, days off, diy, doodling, etsy, eyeliner, finding old mix cds, fringe, gilmore girls, goodreads, grapefruit-flavoured perrier, h&m, hart to hart, honestlywtf, ipods, jeopardy, kathi wilcox, kathleen hanna, knitting, le tigre, libraries, lilacs, liz lemon, london, mary tyler moore, matryoshkas, metric, mix cds, museums, music, my apartment, my bed, my little pony, my-so-called life, nars blush, ndg, new notebooks, new york city, nurse jackie, ny times crossword, oatmeal, painted nails, paperbacks, parks and rec, paying with exact change, peanut butter + bananas, pilot pens, plateau, portlandia, pre-code hollywood, pretzels, pugs, ravelry, reading, researching, rizzoli & isles, robyn, robyn hitchcock, roxy music, rw&co, salads, santropol, sarah waters, sleater-kinney, sleeping, sweet potatoes, talking heads, tea, terrasses, texting, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1950s, the body shop, the julie ruin, the l word, the mitfords, the strand, tina fey, usb keys, used books, veronica mars, vintage purses, vodka tonics with lime, walking, weekends, wine, writing, yarn, zines